10 Benefits of Handmade Shoes Most People Ignore

by Gizze LLC February 25, 2017

10 Benefits of Handmade Shoes Most People Ignore

How do you ensure your comfort and that of your loved ones when it comes to footwear? Do you buy orthopedic shoes, flat shoes, or sacrifice comfort in favor of style? You wouldn’t have to sacrifice anything if you found the right shoes, the ones that meet all your needs and preferences: handmade shoes.

They have been an option for the last 6-7 centuries, when the artisans in Yemen and Turkey began to make them. Their craft only spread to the U.S. in the past few years, mostly among dancers and those passionate about traditional art and culture. However, the potential is amazing.

Perhaps a photo of these shoes doesn’t say much. Sure, they look pretty and comfortable, the stitching is interesting, and it is great there are so many colors available, but these qualities are present in many other shoe models. However, a seemingly common image hides many valuable benefits, worth reviewing in detail.

10 Benefits to Reap by Wearing Handmade Shoes

  1. Perfect fit – Most people have one foot slightly larger than the other. This can make it difficult to find shoes that fit well, especially when bunions are an issue, as well. Since these shoes are handmade, you can order them according to your individual foot anatomy, to ensure that perfect fit you’ve been longing for.
  2. Comfort – These shoes are often called “comfort shoes.” Their flexible leather sole and soft leather interior and upper side allow the foot to move and breathe, preventing corns and calluses. More than that, their flat sole allows for even weight distribution, eliminating the discomfort high-heel shoes cause their wearer by distributing body weight to the front part of the foot.
  3. Health – Another term often used for this type of footwear is “healthy shoes.” Being made of 100% natural materials, they eliminate the risk of developing allergic reactions to the dyes or treatments used to obtain the desired color or texture in synthetic shoes. They also prevent many foot problems, like corns, calluses, and bunions, since they are very comfortable and lightweight. By allowing the feet to breathe, they prevent excess sweat, unpleasant odor, nail fungus, and skin irritations forming as a result.
  4. Variety – You can find handmade women’s shoes, men’s shoes, and children’s shoes in an impressive variety of colors, designs, and textures. For example, boys and men may go for various shades of black, brown, navy, grey, or dark green. Women often opt for white, pink, cherry, yellow, silver, blue, etc. In terms of design, classic slip-ons fit most outfits, but those looking for a touch of elegance can find it in the laced models, and those into sports may prefer ribbed models. Those looking for different textures can trade classic leather for nubuck or patent leather.
  5. Versatility – Due to their unique, comfortable yet elegant design, and the variety of colors and styles available, handmade slip-ons can be worn almost anywhere, anytime. If black, white, or brown classic leather slip-ons make a great choice for casual and office outfits, silver and black patent leather shoes can easily complete elegant attires. This leaves vivid colors to those who like to break the rules and stand out through their vitality and joyfulness.
  6. Uniqueness – Everyone dreams of wearing unique shoes. Since even limited edition shoes are prohibitively expensive, most give up and settle for designer shoes, which can still challenge an average budget. Few realize that handmade products really are unique, because it is impossible to find two identical switches, with twine in the exact same nuance, or coated with the exact same amount of wax. Handmade shoes are your best chance to wear stylish and unique footwear.
  7. Style – With quality natural materials, interesting and sturdy hand stitching, a variety of colors, and several designs and textures to choose from, finding the shoes that match your style, or creating your own style has never been easier. If the available models are not exactly to your liking, you can always contact the artisans and express your wishes. Most will be thrilled to translate them into reality.
  8. Durability – Many buyers prefer leather shoes for their durability. Most of the times, the soles wear out, or they come away long before the upper part shows signs of wear and tear. With shoes made entirely out of leather, premature wear and tear is never an issue. The parts cannot come away either, since they are stitched with durable, wax-coated twine.
  9. Affordability – When they are handmade, and incorporate natural, high quality materials, you expect shoes to be extremely expensive. Check out any designer’s website for natural leather shoes (not even handmade or limited edition), and you will see for yourself. This is certainly not the case with handmade leather slip-ons, with prices usually ranging between $100 and $200.
  10. Environment friendliness – According to an MIT News article, a typical pair of sneakers generates no less than 30 pounds of CO2 emissions, as much as a 100-watt light bulb running continuously for 1 week. CO2 emissions are no concern when it comes to handmade slip-ons, since these are made from natural materials, and the production process is manual.

You and your loved ones can enjoy these benefits too. Order your own pairs of handmade shoes, and see for yourself!

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Shoe Sizing Guide


You’ve found your unique and stylish Gizze Handmade shoes, now it’s time to find the right fit. Gizze Handmade makes it easy! With half-sizes available in U.S. sizes, you can expect happier feet in these comfortable shoes. What’s even better? With a medium width (B-size) for women and a medium width (D-size) for men, you can be confident that you are getting a great fit.  

It’s best to order half size smaller than you normally wear in a casual footwear as shown in the size chart. For most, the fit will be slightly snug at first and could take about a few weeks to fully break in.