7 Occasions Where Slip-Ons Are Your Best Friends

by Gizze LLC March 25, 2017

7 Occasions Where Slip-Ons Are Your Best Friends

Be honest: when you think of comfortable shoes, you never imagine stilettos or men’s formal laced shoes, but a good pair of slip-ons. You miss those comfy shoes from your childhood that allowed you to walk and run freely.

Growing up, you were faced with the constraints of life in society, and forced to trade your comfort for elegance. The responsibility is all yours, and you are the one bearing the consequences. Those heels look great on your feet, but you pay for that look with blisters, bunions, and unbearable pain. Is it worth it?

Are you sure you looked everywhere and checked out all types of shoes before sacrificing your foot health and comfort? You probably didn’t, as the solution to enjoy both style and comfort was right before your eyes.

If you’ve ever wondered how folk dancers put up with all those difficult steps and spins, how people in the desert put up with the heat, here’s your answer: natural leather shoes. At this point, you’re probably arguing that natural leather shoes are expensive, especially when you care about the name on the label.

Here’s a concept that beats brand: handmade. A pair of handmade slip-on shoes will provide you everything you could possibly want from footwear, and you can wear them almost anywhere, anytime. Here are just a few occasions where handmade slip-ons can be your best friends.

7 Occasions to Wear Handmade Slip-ons

 1. Casual Friday or Any Work Day, Depending on Job-Specific and Company Politics

If the company you work for does not have strict clothing and footwear standards, or your job involves fieldwork, you should be able to wear some black comfort shoes, with a flexible flat sole and leather upper, to protect your feet’s shape and health.

Even companies with practically a black tie policy in place allow their employees to forget about the rigors of business etiquette and wear more relaxed attire on Fridays. This does not mean you can wear your favorite sneakers to work, but a pair of clean and stylish slip-on shoes will look great with almost anything.

2. Informal Office Parties

Does the department or company you work for organize parties every time you achieve your goals or master a new challenge? If the party is for employees only, and there is no strict dress code in place, handmade shoes will allow you to dance and feel at ease all evening, without affecting your style.

3. Team Building Sessions

Team building trips are the strangest. You can’t take too much luggage with you, but you need to be prepared for everything. You never know when they take you to a field office to see another team at work, when they take you sightseeing, or to a wine tasting or local fair. Handmade leather slip-ons are your best choice, as they are extremely comfortable, yet elegant and unique shoes you can match with almost any outfit. 

4. Shopping Sessions

Many women love shopping above almost everything else, but only when their footwear is comfortable enough to allow them to go from one store to another, and wait in line at the cash register. Sneakers may be comfortable, but won’t provide too much inspiration when shopping for elegant clothes or jewelry, so comfort slip-ons are a much better option.

5. Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a special period in every woman’s life, and even the strictest employee dress code loses power over expectant female employees. An elegant pair of women’s slip-ons will certainly be acceptable even for the strictest employer in terms of professional looks. The wide range of models and colors available will allow you to find a model that looks professional and is easy to put on and take off. Handmade slip-ons are by far the best option, as you can ask the shoemaker for a wider forefoot, in case your feet swell from the added weight and pressure.

6. After a Sprain or Other Foot Injuries

Accidents happen and, no matter how much you try to avoid them, they will affect you sooner or later. After an ankle sprain or some other foot injury, you should opt for slip-on shoes for at least a few weeks, until you recover completely.

These shoes have a flat and flexible sole, and are lightweight. The upper is made of soft leather that allows your toes to rest comfortably and breathe, reducing sweat, odor, irritations, or corns. Leather slip-ons are some of the most comfortable and healthy shoes, and your feet will thank you for taking it easy and allowing them to get back to their top shape at their own pace.

7. Outdoor casual activities

Whether you go sightseeing, for a walk in the park, taking the kids to the playground, or meeting your friends for a coffee, you’ll welcome the comfort and well-being slip-on shoes provide. Wearing them, you’ll be able to actually enjoy the activities you take up, rather than look for a place to rest your feet.

The list of occasions where slip-ons are your best friend is long, but you’ve surely understood by now that you can wear them almost anywhere. What are you waiting for to order your own? Check out our collections, and order the pair that speaks comfort and style for you!

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Shoe Sizing Guide


You’ve found your unique and stylish Gizze Handmade shoes, now it’s time to find the right fit. Gizze Handmade makes it easy! With half-sizes available in U.S. sizes, you can expect happier feet in these comfortable shoes. What’s even better? With a medium width (B-size) for women and a medium width (D-size) for men, you can be confident that you are getting a great fit.  

It’s best to order half size smaller than you normally wear in a casual footwear as shown in the size chart. For most, the fit will be slightly snug at first and could take about a few weeks to fully break in.