Extreme Women’s Shoes - Means of Expression or Self-Torture?

by Gizze LLC March 04, 2017

Extreme Women’s Shoes - Means of Expression or Self-Torture?

For the average woman, the fight to keep the balance between the way she wishes to look and the comfort she needs to get through her daily routine is neverending. However, many women have long deleted words like “comfort shoes,” “slip-ons,” “natural shoes,” or “healthy shoes” from their vocabularies.

They seem to prefer extreme shoes that draw attention with their informal design, their material, or their color. You’ve surely seen such shoes worn by eccentric celebrities like Madonna or Lady Gaga, or at fashion shows, where the poor models can barely keep their balance and some even trip on the catwalk. What is the purpose of these shoes, and when did they shift from their original purpose?

Original and Contemporary Purposes of Shoes

Shoes were invented to protect our feet, to allow us to cover longer distances and walk on harder surfaces without having to worry about stings, scratches, moisture, cold, or heat. With time, they gained an aesthetic purpose as well, as people began to pay attention to the way their shoes matched their clothes and their place in society.

Later on, as options diversified and arts and culture gained popularity, artists and their fans, began to see shoes and clothes as a way to express their style, feelings, and creativity to rebel against rigid social standards.

With time, an entire industry was created around clothes and footwear, focusing not so much on the practical utility of these items, but more on their aesthetic value. Now, fashion rules society all over the world, and those who can afford it spend fortunes on shoes and clothes that prove it.

Sometimes, the need to be fashionable, impress, and draw attention drives us to cross the borders of conventional. We do things and we wear items we never thought we could, to prove we are bold, unique, and have something to show.

Designers created extreme shoes to show off their nonconformity, creativity, and daring futuristic ideas. Why do women wear them? To show they are up to date with the latest design trends, that they are unique and independent, and even to seduce, and conquer. Sometimes, the price is their own health and well-being, but who cares when the gains are so impressive?

The Price of Wearing Extreme Shoes – A Desperate Call for Healthy Shoes

The effect of shoes on the wearer’s feet is emphasized by podiatry statistics:

  • 80% of Americans experience foot problems after wearing uncomfortable, ill-fitting shoes.
  • The most frequent foot problems Americans experience are blisters, heel pain, and ingrown toenails, all directly related to comfort.
  • Over 70% of Americans suffer from rough, dry, irritated, or cracked foot skin.
  • 33% of Americans suffer from toenail problems.
  • 32% of Americans complain about foot sweat and odor.

All these could be easily avoided by wearing healthy, comfortable shoes. Switching from high heels to flat shoes would surely relieve pressure on the heel, and prevent the foot from slipping forward and pressing against the toenails. Also, foot blisters, irritations, sweat, and odor, are of no concern when wearing natural leather shoes.

Of course, many women will complain that flat leather shoes cannot add the “wow” factor their wardrobe needs. Style and uniqueness never go hand in hand with comfort, hence the need for extreme shoes. However, there are healthier alternatives to draw attention.

Trading Extreme for Handmade

What did the most extreme shoes you ever saw or wear look like? The fashion industry has seen them all: entirely made of gold, embellished with crystals and precious stones, tower-high, imitating various animals, etc.

However, many fashion reviewers favor handmade items. When stylists or magazines analyze various celebrity outfits, they don’t praise always eccentricity. They often praise natural, handmade, and sustainable clothing, shoes, and accessories.

You don’t want just attention, you want appreciation, and this is easy to get wearing healthy and comfortable handmade shoes made from natural leather. Besides being healthy and comfortable, they are unique and stylish, giving a touch of charm and elegance to any outfit, be it casual, elegant, or sporty.

When you look at a pair of shoes, trying to decide whether they are worth buying or not, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I wear these shoes on the most tiring days?
  • Will these shoes allow my feet to breathe?
  • Will these shoes match the clothes in my wardrobe?
  • Will these shoes last enough to justify their price?
  • Will these shoes prove my fine taste and preference for quality?

You won’t get positive answers for many shoe models, but there is one where all-positive answers are a guarantee: handmade leather shoes. They are comfortable, durable, affordable, and available in a multitude of styles, colors, and textures, to match even the most fashion-conscious wardrobe or wearer.

Order your own pair of stylish healthy shoes now, and you’ll discover that expressing yourself and drawing attention does not require compromising your health and comfort!

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Shoe Sizing Guide


You’ve found your unique and stylish Gizze Handmade shoes, now it’s time to find the right fit. Gizze Handmade makes it easy! With half-sizes available in U.S. sizes, you can expect happier feet in these comfortable shoes. What’s even better? With a medium width (B-size) for women and a medium width (D-size) for men, you can be confident that you are getting a great fit.  

It’s best to order half size smaller than you normally wear in a casual footwear as shown in the size chart. For most, the fit will be slightly snug at first and could take about a few weeks to fully break in.