The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Comfort Shoes

by Gizze LLC February 18, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Women’s Comfort Shoes

Are you one of the women who think beauty and style can’t go hand in hand with comfort shoes? Think again! Besides, there is more at stake when you choose a pair of shoes than heel height, brand, or the way they match an outfit. Here are some facts that may help you understand the importance of wearing comfortable, healthy shoes.

Fast Facts That Underline the Importance of Wearing Comfort Shoes

  • An average adult takes between 5,000 and 7,000 steps every day, and women walk 3 miles more than men every day. Yet 9 out of 10 women wear shoes too small for their feet.
  • There are 26 bones, 33 joints, 107 ligaments, 19 tendons and muscles, and 250,000 sweat glands, the latter producing approximately half a pint of perspiration every day.
  • 10% of Americans suffer from Plantar Fasciitis.
  • 75% of Americans experience foot problems sooner or later in their lives.
  • 25% of Americans have flat feet.
  • 5% of Americans develop toenail problems every year.
  • Foot problems are 4 times more frequent in women than in men, and heels seem to be the cause.
  • 6.5 % of people develop foot corns or calluses.
  • Over 50% of American women have bunions, a foot deformity involving the increase and jutting out of the joint connecting the big toe to the rest of the foot.
  • Over 20% of the world’s population has Morton's Toe (condition recognizable by the length of the second toe, which exceeds the length of the big toe.

The list of podiatry facts could continue, but the message is clear: the surest way to avoid becoming part of these bleak statistics is to wear comfortable shoes. Of course, the notion of comfort gains different meanings for different people, covering various aspects related to shoes, from size, anatomy, and choice of materials, to design, versatility, and exclusivity.

With so many shoe models to choose from, making a decision is surely a challenge. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t see women with hundreds of pairs of shoes complaining that they have nothing to wear. Here are the features to pay attention to when looking for comfortable shoes.

5 Features That Define Women’s Comfort Shoes

  1. Flat sole – Yes, high heels underline your legs’ best qualities, make you look thinner, and give you a touch of style and elegance. However, they interfere with your feet’s balance and bone alignment. Your body weight is transferred to the front part of your feet, causing, in time, bunions, and other feet-related health problems. Therefore, look for flat shoes, with flexible soles, that will let you step freely and keep your feet in their natural position.
  2. Natural leather – By now, you have probably noticed the difference between natural leather shoes and synthetic varieties: sweat, foul odors, and the irritations, blisters, nail fungus, and other foot health problems related to sweat. More than that, synthetic materials are often hard, and do not allow the feet to move freely, pressing against the heels and toes, and causing blisters, corns or calluses. Natural shoes are by far the healthiest option for anyone.
  3. Custom made – Most people have a slight size difference between their feet, so finding fitting shoes is a challenge. Custom made, or, better yet, handmade shoes are an excellent solution to this problem. All one has to do is submit their measurements.
  4. Style – Comfortable women’s shoes are also stylish, as no woman could feel comfortable wearing something that makes her look clunky, sloppy, or out of fashion. Since most women want to look and feel unique, limited edition shoes could work miracles. If you’re thinking such shoes would cost thousands of dollars, you should be thrilled to know you can find quality handmade women’s shoes at a little over one hundred dollars. They come in different textures, many colors, and various stitchings, so it would be impossible not to find something to your liking.
  5. Versatility – You can’t wear sneakers wherever you go, just to feel comfortable, so you need versatile shoes that you can wear on various occasions without looking inappropriate. Handmade shoes collections inspired by traditional Yemeni shoes, for example, are perfect for the office, for long shopping sessions, afternoons with the kids at the playground, dates, or hanging out with your friends.

In fact, Yemeni shoes are probably the only category of products on the market that share all these features. They are some of the most comfortable women’s shoes — unique yet affordable, perfect for anyone, anywhere.

Check out our collections or contact us now, and let us show you that women’s comfort shoes can also be stylish, durable, and versatile!

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Shoe Sizing Guide


You’ve found your unique and stylish Gizze Handmade shoes, now it’s time to find the right fit. Gizze Handmade makes it easy! With half-sizes available in U.S. sizes, you can expect happier feet in these comfortable shoes. What’s even better? With a medium width (B-size) for women and a medium width (D-size) for men, you can be confident that you are getting a great fit.  

It’s best to order half size smaller than you normally wear in a casual footwear as shown in the size chart. For most, the fit will be slightly snug at first and could take about a few weeks to fully break in.