Classic Leather Byzantium Purple (Women)

These lovely purple leather shoes go well with pastels and make quite the statement. Made by Gizze, a handmade shoes brand, the shoes are made of all-natural materials. If you want classic shoes that stand out, this is definitely the pair for you.

If you are looking for classic and comfortable leather shoes, these handmade shoes for women are perfect for you. They’re good for your feet, too!

Made from natural products, this pair offers a better fit, and by extension, are more comfortable. They also provide extra protection and are more durable than their synthetic counterparts.

Important Note: Before selecting the size, please read "Shoe Sizing Guide" carefully in order to find the best fit for you..

Size Guide

Shoe Sizing Guide

If the Shoe Fits…

Gizze offers half-sizes that are available in U.S sizes. What’s more, medium-width (B-size) for women and medium-width (D-size) for men means you are guaranteed the perfect, most comfortable fit.

We recommend ordering half a size smaller than you would with casual footwear, as shown on the chart. Though it might fit a bit snug at first, you’ll break them in in no time!

Buy your unique pair of Gizze’s today!