Our Story

Breaking the Mold

At Gizze Handmade it is our mission to increase the consumption of high-quality, natural and handmade products by providing our customers shoes that are unique, healthy, stylish, and comfortable, all in one. Each pair of our slip-ons is crafted from high-quality natural leather. The best part? We stay true to our mission by creating each pair by hand, using traditional methods.

Drawing our inspiration from a style of shoe that dates back as far as 600-700 years, we use modern craftsmanship to revitalize the production of these traditionally stylish and natural shoes. The result is a comfortable shoe that is breathable and healthy, and has a uniquely distinctive style. To learn more about our traditional Yemeni-style shoes and how we create them, visit our informative section regarding the history of our shoes.

The Right Stuff

Not only do we take pride in how our shoes are made, but also in what we use to make them. All the slip-ons found in our collections are crafted using only natural materials, and we are excited to share them with our customers: the upper, insole and inner lining are made from cowhide and the outsole is made from tanned buffalo. Even when it comes to the stitching, we keep it natural by using beeswax-coated twine.

These natural and handmade shoes are truly crafted from materials that we are proud of, and that our customers can feel confident supporting.

Natural Expression

Each pair of Gizze Handmade shoes is unique. The color or texture may vary due to the skillful hand-crafting and the natural materials used. In order to ensure that each and every pair of our shoes is unique and made with expert craftsmanship, we keep a limited stock for our customers.

We believe that the attentive craftsmanship we put into each pair of our slip-ons is the best gift we can offer our customers. The result is a naturally unique pair of shoes for every purchase.

Becoming Part of the Impact

At Gizze Handmade, any purchase made by our customers is not perceived merely as revenue. Instead, each sale serves as a show of support toward true craftsmanship and high-quality materials that make our natural product so special.

Visit our beautiful Gizze Handmade Collections of Classic, Laced, and Ribbed Slip-Ons, and join us on our mission to support the growth of natural, handmade, and healthy products.

Any Gizze Handmade shoe that you choose will be unique, natural, healthy, stylish, and comfortable, all in one!

Shoe Sizing Guide


You’ve found your unique and stylish Gizze Handmade shoes, now it’s time to find the right fit. Gizze Handmade makes it easy! With half-sizes available in U.S. sizes, you can expect happier feet in these comfortable shoes. What’s even better? With a medium width (B-size) for women and a medium width (D-size) for men, you can be confident that you are getting a great fit.  

It’s best to order half size smaller than you normally wear in a casual footwear as shown in the size chart. For most, the fit will be slightly snug at first and could take about a few weeks to fully break in.