Our Story

Satisfy Your “Sole”

Gizze Handmade strives to reinvent the concept of comfortable footwear. As far as we’re concerned, shoes should be comfortable, unique, stylish, and natural! After all, we spend so much time on our feet - why not wear shoes that accommodate our lifestyles?

Craftmanship, quality natural leather, and 100% natural are the keywords at Gizze Handmade. We’re focused on keeping the style trendy, distinctive, and original, while offering our customers a prime pair of shoes that’s irresistibly snug. We combine traditional and modern craftmanship to provide you with longevity, comfort, and unique fashion. After all, who doesn’t want to be exceptional?

We challenge you to try and live without your trusty Gizze’s!  

Why Does it Feel So Gooood?

Quality is a major factor in how we produce our shoes. Gizze Handmade always ensures we use 100% natural products. We use cowhide for the upper sole, insole, and inner lining – meaning you’ll be able to spend the whole day walking in total comfort. But - our natural ways don’t stop there! Even the stitching is made from natural beeswax-coated twine.

Reminder: In addition to the above materials, we apply a glued rubber sole to each pair of shoes to protect the natural leather sole from damages and to prevent the slippery nature of leather.

Wear your shoes with the pride we feel when creating them.

We keep limited stock of all our products to ensure every single pair is expertly designed and crafted to perfection. Feel exceptional as you walk around town in your own unique pair of Gizze’s!

Making a Statement

Buying and wearing a pair of Gizze shoes is not merely about fashion or comfort. It is about supporting handmade craftmanship and the natural side of life. In today’s society, shoes aren’t merely about foot protection. They are also about status, comfort, and quality.

Throughout history, leather was easily accessible and the main material used for numerous objects. Today, we find ourselves surrounded by different materials - natural or otherwise. Yet, leather is still dominant for its versatility, style, and comfort. It can be manipulated, sewn, and waterproofed - and still be breathable.

Gizze Handmade uses evolution to our advantage by incorporating what worked in the past with what works today. Wearing a pair of our handcrafted leather slip-ons means you’ll be a part of history and modern society.

Put your chic on display and take a pair of skilled hands with you every step of the way.

In this case, style and class can be bought.

Join in on this fun journey and build a natural, handmade, and healthy lifestyle with us.

Buy your unique pair of Gizze’s today!

Shoe Sizing Guide

If the Shoe Fits…

Gizze offers half-sizes that are available in U.S sizes. What’s more, medium-width (B-size) for women and medium-width (D-size) for men means you are guaranteed the perfect, most comfortable fit.

We recommend ordering half a size smaller than you would with casual footwear, as shown on the chart. Though it might fit a bit snug at first, you’ll break them in in no time!

Buy your unique pair of Gizze’s today!