The History of Shoes

Where the Magic Began

The history of the leather shoe dates back thousands of years. However, the earliest find is in an Armenian cave estimated to be 5,500 years old. This particular shoe was made from a piece of cowhide and has a grass lining - which is very similar to how Gizze Handmade makes our shoes.

In ancient Egyptian times, sandals were the “in thing.” They were handcrafted from palm leaves, papyrus fiber, and raw leather. Though Gizze makes slip-ons, it is important to note the different styles throughout history that influenced what we find comfortable today. At first, it was accustom that only the clerics and the Pharaoh wore these sandals. Later on, however, Egyptian citizens started wearing the sandals too, which each color symbolizing their social class.

In a similar way, the shoes we wear today are also a symbol of our class and style.

The Yemeni-style shoe from which we draw inspiration dates back to 600-700 years ago when skilled craftsmen from Southern Anatolia used quality natural leather to create uppers and tough leather soles. This tradition is lives on in Southeast cities of Turkey, where the craft has been passed down from generation to generation.

Recreating History

High-quality natural materials such as cowhide, buffalo, and beeswax-coated twine are used when crafting each Gizze Handmade shoe – similar to the shoe found in the Armenian cave. The difference is that we don’t just use whatever we can find. Instead, we carefully select each piece of material for the crafting process.


1. Cut, Shape, Trim

Each section of leather is carefully cut to size. Stitching commences on the reverse side and placed on a “last” - a shaping and construction tool. Excess leather is trimmed and the last is put aside for later.

2. Stitching

The sides are carefully and skillfully hand-stitched with beeswax-coated twine attached to a large thick needle known as a Bodkin. Once the sole and upper is stitched, the shoe is placed back onto the last and left to sit for a day.

3. All Done!

A natural, handmade, and healthy pair awaits a loving owner.

What makes these shoes so healthy, you may ask?

The quality leather material diffuses sweat and reduces foot odor with its breathability. You can also forget about other uncomfortable ailments such as blisters and corns. Plus, they look great!

Buy your unique pair of traditional Yemeni-style Gizze’s now!

Neither you nor your feet will regret it.

Shoe Sizing Guide

If the Shoe Fits…

Gizze offers half-sizes that are available in U.S sizes. What’s more, medium-width (B-size) for women and medium-width (D-size) for men means you are guaranteed the perfect, most comfortable fit.

We recommend ordering half a size smaller than you would with casual footwear, as shown on the chart. Though it might fit a bit snug at first, you’ll break them in in no time!

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