Classic Leather Hat Gray (Women)

Gray is a versatile color, making it a great color choice if you’re looking for leather shoes for everyday wear. Aside from being able to pair these handmade shoes with any outfit you can imagine, this pair from Gizze offers more than a fashion statement.

Leather slip ons of any shade or hue are healthier than shoes made from other materials. This particular shoe features a goatskin or cowhide upper, soft insoles, and a durable outsole made from tanned buffalo.

But why are leather shoes healthier than their synthetic counterparts? Made from natural materials, they are more breathable and offer extra protection for your feet.

Important Note: Before selecting the size, please read "Shoe Sizing Guide" carefully in order to find the best fit for you.

Size Guide

Shoe Sizing Guide

If the Shoe Fits…

Gizze offers half-sizes that are available in U.S sizes. What’s more, medium-width (B-size) for women and medium-width (D-size) for men means you are guaranteed the perfect, most comfortable fit.

We recommend ordering half a size smaller than you would with casual footwear, as shown on the chart. Though it might fit a bit snug at first, you’ll break them in in no time!

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